IBM: 100×100

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“All of the problems of the world could be settled easily if men were only willing to THINK”

Nike: The Human Chain

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When I first watched “The Human Chain” video through Nike’s site, I was blown away. It’s extremely well done. The combination of visuals with Ali In The Jungle by The Hours is inspiring. Even though the YouTube page setup by Nike says, “the road to athletic greatness is not marked by perfection, but the ability to constantly overcome adversity and failure” is true, I believe this video transcends athletics into everything else we do in our lives. Are you not inspired to do something?

TRON: Legacy

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Really excited for the upcoming movie, TRON: Legacy. You can see Daft Punk’s cameo in the video below:


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I received one of those medals one only dreams about…EXTERMINATION. Rocket launcher in tow, I saw the opportunity, the stars aligned and fate intervened – extermination it’s gift. Miraculously, one opponent survived the first blast but not the second. Check out the link to read more about this medal:

Lovely Package

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Showcasing awesome package designs. Check it out:

Wonderful sketches by Manuel Rebollo

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These are some wonderful pen sketches by graphic designer Manuel Rebollo. Very chic:


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Over a year ago, I was building a DOF(Depth fo Field) adapter for my hd video camera. I was successful using materials found around the house, but, aesthetically, it was pretty ugly. During my research I found a site where they offered DOF parts made via their cnc. I’ve always been fascinated with technology, electronics, and machining. This was the launching point into the field of “hobby cnc”.

After my first cnc build, I wanted to create a bigger version with unused linear rails and support blocks. Instead of starting out with an idea on paper, I started using Google’s Sketchup for visual design and testing. Once I was done, I was able to take the design and print out dimensions for fabrication. Below you’ll see the Sketchup model and near finish build.

STEV.IN…yup, that’s me.

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Finally. STEV.IN is done…well, more or less. One of my friends, Jon Fukuda, found it hilarious that I acquired an Indian domain then admittedly thought that the word play to my first name was fun. Hopefully it sticks.

Still a few things to improve like the blog theme. I didn’t exactly have enough time to create one from scratch so I modified this theme to suite. I’m also researching TextPattern to be a general cms for the site. WordPress is an amazing blogging platform, but I’m leaning towards a pure cms system with blogging capabilities which WordPress is not. Now for you IE users out there. You might get a lot of surprises, I’ll work on appeasing you guys later.